Brilliant ideas!

In case you’re wondering about the silence on my blog lately when I’ve not been dodging the storms that have been battering the rugged Cornish Coast I’ve been working on my new writing course and finishing off the latest in my Polwenna Bay series, #7 Catching Hearts.

I’ve got a brilliant idea for a book! Ever thought that or heard somebody say it? I have, and those that I’ve met usually follow that statement with, “but I don’t know how to start writing it.”

Just write it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s far from it, I promise you. With today’s busy lives, sitting down to plan your best-seller has to fit in with our increasingly hectic schedules. There are so many hilarious memes on the internet about what people think writers do, versus what writers actually do, and the reality is the same for any professional or business. Planning, allocation of time, organising resources all play a part.

As an English teacher in the UK and abroad for over twenty years, and balancing work with writing my debut and early novels at the same time as working in a demanding teaching role, posed all these same challenges for me and I had to look at how I could make this work better. After looking at study programs for my students and techniques that helped me, I’ve put together my:

Novel in Month Programme

OK, first thing, a month isn’t a fixed time. You can take as long as you need. Using my programme, you can go from idea to manuscript in a month if you want to. This is a series of modules that will help you plan and write your bestselling novel, memoirs, recipe book, thriller or autobiography. Now, thanks to the advent of digital and independent publishing, anyone can publish their story.

There’s no time frame, a month or a year it’s up to you. Something I’ve noticed is that the one thing all the interesting, funny, talented and unique people I’ve met have in common - they all have a book in them. Long or short, it doesn’t matter; everyone has a story to tell. Maybe it’s time to tell yours?

One place where everyone has a story to tell is Polwenna Bay. Some stories may be a little on the tall side, but they make excellent entertainment in the pub. It’s been wonderful to see who’s arriving in the village with their own story and to catch up with locals, young and old, good and, err, opportunist! Warm water, long days, warm nights,and calm seas bring many seasonal visitors back to Polwenna Bay- jelly fish bigger than small cars and plankton feeding basking sharks lazily working the tide line gulping tonnes of water with each pass. New visitors to the bay bring their powerboats and jet ski toys to play with and explore. Some stories like Black Jack’s tale are the stuff of legend and come from way down deep in Davy Jones's Locker. Who knows what else may be lurking deep in the waters off Polwenna Bay? One thing’s for sure, and like Nick Tremaine will gladly tell you, calm waters and warm nights mean one thing BEACH PAAAARTY and this year's will be legendary! Need a hand with that sunscreen? Allow me…

Catching Hearts Polwenna Bay #7 is in the final stages of editing, but due for release later this month - first in ebook format with the paperback to follow shortly.

As it’s been so long since my last post, there’s so much I want to tell you, but this post is already beyond where it should be, so I’ll wrap things up here and be back soon with an update on the release of Catching Hearts.

There’s no avoiding it, and it’s not just been the weather that we’ve had to contend with lately, so I wish everyone the best of health and please keep safe and well.

I’ll do my best not to leave it so long until my next blog post, but you can always pop over to my social media where I also post my news and updates.

Until next time.

Brightest wishes,


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