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Have you ever wanted to write your own novel, non-fiction book or even pen an autobiography? Perhaps you have wonderful ideas but become stuck putting words onto paper? Or maybe you find it easy to get started but lose direction and aren’t sure how to move on from those early chapters? Maybe you have no idea how you could ever manage to squeeze in the hours that are needed to write a book and feel overwhelmed at the task ahead? If ‘yes’ is the answer to any of these questions, then my WRITE THAT NOVEL course is the online course you need to get you started. Through a series of units which you can complete in your own time, I’ll share with you many of the techniques and tools I use every day, from gathering ideas and active planning, to making the most of limited time, to using imagery and language effectively. The course is flexible, fun and can be undertaken anywhere on the planet! It is self-guided, and you can work through the lessons at your leisure. However! If you put your head down and apply the tips and advice, you could well write your first draft in a matter of weeks.

WRITE THAT NOVEL is designed to answer many of the questions I’m often asked by readers and aspiring writers. It’s impossible to offer everybody one to one advice but this course will give you a flavour of the guidance and advice I’ve offered students who have attended my weekend courses and workshops distilled into 10 lessons and a wealth of bonus material. There are tasks and exercises to help you and examples of methods which appear throughout literature in novels by writers such as Dickens and Conrad. By accessing the course online, you’re able to choose when you want to learn and choose to begin the activities and exercises contained in the lessons when you are ready to commit the time to completing them. I have kept WRITE THAT NOVEL as concise as possible because your precious time will be spent writing. There is no need for you to purchase unnecessary content and padding. I also want to keep the price of the course at a level that will hopefully be affordable for everyone.

This course is designed to give you workable and effective long-term strategies that will give you the tools needed to sit down and put pen to paper. It isn’t a passport to becoming an instant bestseller, but whether you’re simply writing for fun or taking the first step on your writing career, WRITE THAT NOVEL will help you begin an exciting and fulfilling literary journey.

And once you have that first draft written then anything is possible!

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