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What if you discovered your whole life has been a lie?


When Nell Summers stumbles across a photograph in her late father’s belongings, the faded image of a young soldier leads her to question everything she knows.

Ruth Saberton The Letter Best Selling Cornish Fiction
Ruth Sabrton The Island Legacy Book Cornish Fiction
Ruth Saberton Book Chances Pony Story Fiction
Ruth Saberton Katy Carter Book Fiction Author
Lockets, like hearts, keep secrets

During the golden summer before the First World War, Emily Pendennys knows her duty is to rescue the family fortunes by marrying well. Falling in love is little more than a dream and leaving her small Cornish village an impossibility. But as the storm clouds of war gather a chance encounter changes Emily’s future and steals her heart forever.

Over a century later researching family history is a solace for Alison Foy while her beloved soldier son is away on active service. When she stumbles across a forgotten link between her great-grandparents and the famous war poet Kit Rivers, Alison discovers their past is woven through her present in a tapestry of loss, love and long kept secrets. 


One tug of the thread will be all it takes for a decades-old pattern to unravel…

Is it ever too late for a second chance of love?

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Seventy-five years have passed since Lily Nancarrow lost her heart to the handsome American officer stationed in Cornwall during the Allied preparations for D Day.  Lily is content with her life and at peace with the choices she has made - until a long-lost Christmas card arrives in the post…

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RuthSaberton The Season for Second Chances book Cornish Fiction Christmas
Ruth Saberton Rock My World British Rock Star Fiction book
Ruth Saberon Escape For Christmas book fiction
Ruth Saberton Escape for the Summer bestselling Cornish fiction book
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Welcome To Polwenna Bay

Everyone would love to meet you

Sometimes love is found where you least expect it.

Fisherman Nick Tremaine enjoys a charmed existence. The adored youngest member of his family, Nick likes life in Polwenna Bay exactly as it is. Why would he ever want to change? Or to settle down? Badly hurt in the past, Nick is determined that his heart will never be caught again. Only Nick’s oldest friend knows the truth about his heartbreak, and he trusts her totally because friends are always there for you, come what may. Aren’t they?

Meg Lyle returns to Polwenna Bay in a desperate bid help her parents save their business. Working long hours and battling newcomers who threaten her family’s entire way of life, Meg needs a friend she can rely on, but Nick Tremaine has never been reliable. As she struggles with the pressures of long hours and tight finances, having fun is way down the list of her priorities and Meg soon discovers that even the best of friends can drift apart. Change, unlike growing up, isn’t always a choice.

With the holiday season in full swing, an unusual visitor attracting national attention, and unwelcome changes fracturing friendships, life in Polwenna Bay is in danger of changing beyond all recognition…

Under Pen Names

As well as writing under my own name I’ve worked with Working Partners on a variety of highly commercial pen name projects. These include the Jessica Fox Hen Night books with Little Black Dress/Headline, Georgie Carter for Harper Collins and my Holly Cavendish book with Pan Macmillan.  I keep my Ruth Saberton identity very different and distinctive but I enjoy the collaborative process of writing with a team of editors and I am always willing to consider similar projects or ghost writing.

I’ve also had a novel out called He Loves Me Knot under the name Lucy Hepburn which is published in Germany as Vom Ersten Tag An Und Fur Immer. There have also been approaches regarding celebrity novel ghost writing and collaborations but as I’m sure you can appreciate am not at liberty to divulge any further details.

Ruth Saberton in Translation

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