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Thank you Waterstones

Ruth Saberton - The early years!

A little over 8 years ago the national papers were writing about an author discovered by Richard and Judy and as most of you know my first novel under my own name, 'Katy Carter wants a Hero,' was published and my journey to becoming a professional author in my own right had officially started. With the might of a big publisher and their team behind me we started on the promotional tour of various book signings and author events.

8 years on and my life as an author is more exciting than ever! I'm loving writing full time. Publishers, editors and agents may have all changed during this time but there are still those that were there at the start of my writing journey helping me by piling signing tables high with acid pink copies of Katy or baby blue Ellies and later on with the more subtle Amber Scott.

Who are these unsung heroes?

These are the great guys and girls at Waterstones!

Ruth Saberton and team from Waterstones Drake Circus Plymouth
Ruth Saberton and Waterstones Truro resisdent 'Bunny Girl' (Easter)

I really am so grateful to the Waterstones teams in Truro and Plymouth for their support. Having me in store for the events recently has been great fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone, old and new.

Apart from selling and signing books this has also meant a great deal to me as I've been able to meet and thank some of my readers in person. I can't put pictures of you all on here, and there might other people in the image, so here's one from my Truro event!

Ruth Saberton Event Waterstones Truro

I'm thrilled to announce that as part of my Waterstones tour signing copies of my books The Letter and The Island Legacy I'll be returning to where it all started at Waterstones Uxbridge on the 16th of June. Some of you may now know it as the intu shopping mall, Uxbridge but for those that were there for the Katy launch it'll always beThe Chimes!

Ruth Saberton Katy Carter launch Waterstones Uxbridge

Thank you Waterstones for having me in to your stores for my recent book signings and your support from the very start!

Ruth Saberton - The Letter - The Island Legacy

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