Prize Winner and Poldark

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. I seem to be starting my blog posts with quotes lately but it's that time of year where the John Keats poem Ode To Autumn fits so perfectly with the change in season. I'm very lucky as I often get to share Cornwall with friends and family but this is normally around August (I can't think why) so I was thrilled when Becky, the winner of my competition, said that she and her family would be visiting in October. Cornwall is renowned in the summer but give it a month or two and the Duchy will display a more subtle and personal side. The beaches are quiet, bar the locals who have reclaimed their favourite spots for surfing and dog walking once the seasonal

If music be the food of love...

Play on, I believe was once said by someone somewhere! In my latest return to Polwenna Bay, 'The Rhythm of the Tide', we meet Zak Tremaine whose musical talents lead him and the band on the dream path to stardom. Adoring fans, hanging out at the after parties with his musical heroes and doing what he does best - making music, what could possibly be better? 'The Rhythm of the Tide' was lots of fun to write especially imaging a world where sex, drugs and Rock n Roll were the rider for some artists and bands! Fortunately, I could delve into this world from the safety and comfort of my writing chair and you'll be pleased to know that no roadies were harmed during the research of this book 'The R

The First of Many

Blog Posts that it is! 2018 has been quite a year and we've still got a couple of months to go so it's all to play for. I won't dwell on the next bit as we all have lots to deal with but through 2018 I've been pretty busy with family stuff so my updates have mostly been on my social media - FB and Insta. A picture hopefully is worth a thousand words and I hope that those of you that are subscribed to or follow my feeds have been enjoying the updates. Where to start to bring you up to speed... Ok, a quick recap. My last post was back in August when I was interviewed by Martin for the West Mag. It's always with a degree of trepidation you wait for publication but Martin put together a great pi

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