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The First of Many

Blog Posts that it is! 2018 has been quite a year and we've still got a couple of months to go so it's all to play for. I won't dwell on the next bit as we all have lots to deal with but through 2018 I've been pretty busy with family stuff so my updates have mostly been on my social media - FB and Insta. A picture hopefully is worth a thousand words and I hope that those of you that are subscribed to or follow my feeds have been enjoying the updates. Where to start to bring you up to speed...

Ok, a quick recap. My last post was back in August when I was interviewed by Martin for the West Mag. It's always with a degree of trepidation you wait for publication but Martin put together a great piece and thanks for all the lovely notes from those that read the interview.

Ruth Saberton West Magazine Interview
Ruth Saberton Lantic Bay Cornwall

Of course living in the West Country I suddenly seem to be very popular with friends and family especially with the amazing summer we've just had but one visit I particularly enjoyed was when our friends Beth and Lucy from across the pond in North Carolina came to stay. I was able to reciprocate Beth's hospitality when she kindly opened her house to us when we were travelling through the USA.

It was a wonderful few days and once again I was treated to seeing Cornwall for the first time through the eyes of those that had never visited before. We enjoyed lots of book chat, far too much food and messing about on the river - sometimes with even more food!

Ruth Saberton Guests

If anyone knows where September went please let me know! Although only last month it simply flew by. Launching the latest in my Polwenna series 'Rhythm of the Tide' and then getting my Christmas novella ready for launch kept me busy and I'll cover those in their own post shortly.

Ruth Saberton Polwenna Bay Novel
Ruth Saberton Christmas Novella

It wasn't all work and no play though. I did get a little bit of time out on my little boat and the estuary has looked incredible with the changing colours of the trees flanking it. On a recent trip up river to Lostwithiel it was like travelling a French canal or the upper reaches of the Thames. Every trip holds something new and I could easily fill this post with picture after picture so here's a couple and if you would like to see more just pop over to my FB or Instagram pages.

Ruth Saberton Coffee Break

Ruth Saberton Cornwall Boating

As we moved into October I was very pleased to support the Callington Book Fair in aid of Pancreatic Cancer. My thanks to the organisers for inviting me and I'm delighted to have helped this amazing group raise funds for this excellent cause.

Ruth Saberton Book Fair

As the endless summer ended The Island View Cafe at Hannafore in Looe completely sold out of their copies of The Island Legacy and with their help we were able to make another donation, this time to Prostate Cancer research.

Ruth Saberton The Island Legacy

And on a final note I'm really pleased to have helped support the very talented team from Little Margates Equestrian Centre with their fund raising for the Prince Phillip Cup through sales of my young adult pony story Chances. Well Done girls!

Ruth Saberton Chances

That about brings us up to date and watch this space for the next instalment coming very soon!

Thanks for bearing with me through a busy summer.

Brightest wishes,


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