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Dreams can come true

11th February Posted by: RuthSaberton at 00:41, March 30 2017.

February 11 2017 Time Traveller Posted by: RuthSaberton at 08:38,.

Was I dreaming earlier today about a newspaper writing an amazing piece about THE ISLAND LEGACY’s Max Reynard stealing Ross Poldark’s crown or rather Tricorn Hat?

No That really happened - so how come there is a second lovely article in another newspaper EQUESTRIAN section featuring me, Milly and Kiki then? This really must be a dream. Have Kiki and I just won Badminton or does Charlotte du Jardin want to borrow Milly now that Valegro has retired? (That bit’s for those of you who know Milly!)

It wasn’t a dream. The WESTERN MORNING NEWS equestrian section ran a fantastic article about my recently released teen / young adult pony story CHANCES and the charities that it’s supporting. The WESTERN MORNING NEWS feature was nearly a whole page about CHANCES complete with brilliant pictures of the book cover and most importantly Milly and Kiki. That really was a dream come true to see Mrs Millington in the Equestrian section and not for sale as some would suggest I mentioned CHANCES in my welcome to my blog post so I’ll try not to repeat myself here. CHANCES is helping to support charities that work with young people and help them deal with and overcome challenges through working with animals and mainly horses. MICHAEL MORPURGO’S FARMS FOR CITY CHILDREN is one of the chosen charities and I’m speaking with two others which I hope to confirm shortly. The WESTERN MORNING NEWS piece on CHANCES was also posted on their digital edition which can be found here. After a day like this one I’m not sure quite what will top it so all that I can really do is to say thank you to all of you that have had such kind words and posts throughout the day about my writing. All the re-posting/tweeting has certainly helped spread the word about the great work that these charities carry out. Thank you to everyone that is helping me to support FARMS FOR CITY CHILDREN through purchases of CHANCES and thank you to those that put together the pieces featuring my books you really have made an author and pony girl very happy.

Now where’s that tear in the fabric of time so I can go back and show 12 year old me the brilliant article about me being a best-selling pony book author! Thank you and on behalf of 12 year old me a massive thank you as I know how special this would be. xRuthx

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