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As you can see I'm thoroughly enjoying my new website and updated blog. For those of you who've visited my website over the last few days you'll notice that there have been some new pages added and the very exciting addition of my shop page which, as you'll see from the title of this post, I'm very pleased to announce is:

Paperback editions of my latest release, The Letter, along with The Island Legacy and Chances are available for shipping anywhere in the world - simply click the option and let the magic happen! I've got lots of exciting plans for my new online emporium and I'd like to say a huge' thank you' to all of you who have already placed orders.

The paperback editions retailed through my store and other outlets are locally printed in Cornwall using the latest technologies, FSC papers and vegetable based inks and shipped using biodegradable packaging. I recycle these packing materials where possible and use them to ship my orders. I'm doing my best to use less plastic so if you receive an order it will be uniquely wrapped!

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