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Snowy World Book Day

Happy snowy World Book Day from Cornwall!

It’s a white and chilly start to world book day in Cornwall. For my contribution, here's a little extract from Polwenna Bay 3, Winter Wishes, which seems rather like a prediction of today's weather!

“The snow was falling hard on Cornwall, gathering on cottage rooftops and settling on the bare-limbed trees. The trawlers down in Polwenna’s harbour were iced like cakes, their mooring ropes frozen stiff, and the quay was covered in a plump white duvet. In the distance a man was walking a chocolate Labrador on the beach, and the dog’s dark coat seemed to leap out against the whiteness. Elsewhere in the village, drifts were starting to build up against the garden gates and dry-stone walls. As Jules leaned her head against the cold window and heated the glass with her breath, the presenter on Radio Cornwall was interviewing a motorist who’d been stranded in his car up on the A30. The county was in the grip of a very unusual cold snap, and everything was grinding to a standstill.”

As I write this post it’s snowing heavily and the world outside the cottage has been magically transformed into a winter wonderland. It’s very peaceful too as the lane is far too icy for cars and even the bravest 4x4 drivers have been slithering about. I had to abandon my car about half a mile away and walk home yesterday.

There are red warnings of snowfall across Cornwall today so I won’t be going very far. The fire is lit and we’ve got enough food so today will be mostly about writing Polwenna Bay #6. I’m going to walk down to the creek in a while and I’ll be out to feed the wild birds in the garden too but I think that will be as far as it goes. I’ll pop any pictures of my snowy Cornish world onto Instagram – I’ll try not to get carried away.

In the meantime, stay warm and safe everyone!

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