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London Baby!

You've heard the saying when country comes to town. Last week it really did. On the 16th of June I returned to where it all started back within the M25. The big smoke, home to Buckingham Palace and our nation's capital, London!

Ruth Saberton Waterstones Uxbridge London
Ruth Saberton Katy Carter Uxbridge London

The lovely folks at Waterstones Uxbridge held an event for me to sign copies of my latest novel THE LETTER along with copies of my other titles. I can't believe that it has been EIGHT years since I was in store armed with fluorescent pink copies of Katy Carter. Like me my book covers may have become a 'little' more reserved than during my early years!

Ruth Saberton Waterstones Katy Carter

I'm trying not to make this sound like an Oscar acceptance speech but I'd also like to say a big thank you to my parents and family for their support over the weekend and a huge thank you to all the amazing readers who travelled from far and wide to support me.

Ruth Saberton Waterstones Uxbridge

I was really touched as to make special trips to support me eight years on goes beyond the call of duty. To come armed with flowers, chocolates and gifts completely blew my mind. I felt very blessed. I was absolutely thrilled to see several readers with their original editions of Katy my other titles and to be able to sign these for them just made a brilliant day even more special.

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