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Go West!

Ruth Saberton West Mag Interview

Those of you West of Bristol might be familiar with the Western Morning Newspaper and its sister publication The West Magazine. A few weeks ago I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours chatting with Martin from the West Mag at the Duchy Nursery.

During this time we covered my early writing journey and move West in my younger years through to my latest release The Letter inspired by my Great Aunt Ella and her fiancé Arthur.

Ruth Saberton Great Aunt Ella

Ruth Saberton The Letter

Ruth Saberton Ella's Fiance Arthur

As you'll have seen from my earlier blog entry I was busy this morning with the draw for my competition where a lucky reader won a luxury break to Cornwall courtesy of the Duchy of Cornwall Holiday cottages.

Ruth Saberton Rob Crowle Duchy Of Cornwall

After the excitement of this morning I was back to the business of books when a reader sent me a rather cryptic note about an interview and my great boots. The penny dropped and dashing to the shop quickly before they sold out I picked up my copy of The Western Morning News and West Magazine.

Ruth Saberton Western Morning Newspaper

Ruth Saberton Newspaper Interview

Having done a few of these interviews in the past it's always with a little trepidation that I open the pages but in his piece Martin hasn't just done a great job covering my story he's really captured why my #cornishwritinglife inspires me so much.

Ruth Saberton Newspaper Interview

Thanks Martin! Proper journalism in my book and definitely not FAKE NEWS!

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