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Prize Winner and Poldark

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

I seem to be starting my blog posts with quotes lately but it's that time of year where the John Keats poem Ode To Autumn fits so perfectly with the change in season. I'm very lucky as I often get to share Cornwall with friends and family but this is normally around August (I can't think why) so I was thrilled when Becky, the winner of my competition, said that she and her family would be visiting in October. Cornwall is renowned in the summer but give it a month or two and the Duchy will display a more subtle and personal side. The beaches are quiet, bar the locals who have reclaimed their favourite spots for surfing and dog walking once the seasonal canine ban is lifted, the woods are equally peaceful except for the rustle of leaves as winter boots push through, and evenings see lights coming on earlier as the wood smoke starts drifting around the villages and hanging in the steep valleys. Cornwall is great place to visit during the autumn and reduction in seasonal traffic makes exploring the county even easier. It was lovely to meet Becky and spend a few hours chatting over tea and sandwiches at the Duchy of Cornwall cafe.

Ruth Saberton Competition Winner Becky

As you can see from the pictures, Cornwall looked amazing with the changing colours in the trees. Congratulations Becky, I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your holiday!

Ruth Saberton and Competition Winner Becky

Becky wasn't the only one in the picture who entered a competition. My book 'The Letter' was entered for The Winston Graham Historical Prize run by the family of Winston Graham and in conjunction with the Royal Cornwall Museum. For those of you unfamiliar with Winston Graham he's the creator of everyone's favourite gardener and king of the scythe, Ross Poldark!

Ruth Saberton The Letter Novel

I'm absolutely over the moon to find out that 'The Letter' has been shortlisted and is in the final 6 for the Winston Graham Prize. I'm doubly proud as I'm in some illustrious company and of these accomplished authors and their top publishers' The Letter' is the only independent book shortlisted.

My inspiration for 'The Letter' came from so many locations around Cornwall: Talland Bay, Lanhydrock, and Cothele to name a few but my Cornish edition (entered in the competition) was also printed in Cornwall and only a few miles from me using FSC paper and vegetable based inks. Like some of my friends it's 'proper local'!

Ruth Saberton NOT Ross Poldark or Demelza

I was going to put a picture of Ross on his horse here but at the risk of copyright I decided against it so here's a picture of myself and Kiki instead.

Until the next instalment...

Fingers crossed and brightest wishes.


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